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Lindsay Lohan Avoids Serving Jail Time Once Again

Yes, you read the title correctly. Lindsay Lohan will live to drink another day. Today, Lindsay returned to court because she failed an alcohol test on either June 12th or June 13th, which meant she violated the terms of her house arrest. The judge ruled that the previous judge on Lohan's case only ordered testing for controlled substances and had in fact ordered the removal of her SCRAM bracelet (meaning Lindsay's alcohol consumption wasn't even supposed to be monitored) so I guess then technically, she didn't violate her parole. Seriously though, how many more times is this girl going to be let off the hook? She's probably failing these tests on purpose by this point just to see if she can get away with it. Ridiculous. Today the judge was quoted saying that Lohan is only guilty of “extremely poor judgment.” I see the logic there....because most jails are filled up with people who have made extremely good judgment.

Lohan will remain in house arrest, but will only be allowed to have one friend over at a time. I remember having my parents enforce that rule when I was 5....not almost 25. Now is the judge trying to prevent Lindsay's friends from corrupting her or is it the other way around? I'm leaning more toward the latter.

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