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Katy Perry Tells Rolling Stone About Her Breasts

Katy Perry became a worldwide sensation right from the start! This pop-star may be known for her voluptuous curves, but according to her recent interview with Rolling Stone (hits stands on Friday) she wasn't always thankful for her upper body assets. “Someone in sixth grade called me ‘Over-the-shoulder boulder holder....I didn’t know I could use them. So, what I did was, I started taping them down… probably until I was about 19.” Well it appears like Perry is getting the last laugh in the end. Not only has she become her own Teenage Dream for boys/men all over the world, but she tied the knot with English heartthrob, Russell Brand. I bet those sixth graders are eating their words now!

Perry also just set the record as the first artist ever to have at least one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 list for an entire year.
While this should be seen by all as an incredible accomplishment, Perry claims she still gets questioned about her musical talent. Perry states, "Whenever people ask me about having bad reviews, I’m like, ‘Have you seen the run I’ve had? Have you see the numbers? Numbers do not lie!" They certainly don't. Granted these songs aren't going to go down in history as the greatest songs of all time, but whether you're out dancing at a club with friends or relaxing out by the pool, Katy's your girl. Come on people, let's give credit where credit is due - not many people can pull off blue hair and still look hot.

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