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F2F_Special Char Hacks 07/03/2011


Created :
Agus Jr
Spesial Thanks To:

-N2[Sapta Agung ,Swwadyan, DLL]
-All Members F2F

[*]Char Hack+Baret GM         = F1
[*]Char Hack+Baret SG         = F2
[*]Char Hack+Baret Assalut    = F3
[*]Char Hack+Baret Awp        = F4
[*]Char Hack+Baret SMG        = F5
[*]Char Hack+Baret Secondary  = F6
[*]Reset Char Hack And Baret  = DELETE

[*]Card Complete = Panah Atas
[*]Reset Card    = Panah Bawah

[*]Spion Mode    = F11
[*]Exit PB       = Pause Break

If it does Not Work , use your flashdisk

[*]Download Cheat ,
[*]Disable Antivirus
[*]Then input to a flashdisk
[*]Open PB Launcher
[*]Open F2F_Special Char Hacks.exe From Flashdisk

[*]Prees injected New Char Hacks
[*]Eject[lepas] Flahsdisk You

How to use the Char + Beret In The Death Macth and Bom Mission

[*]Enter Room
[*]Press F2 [Baret SG]
[*]When Loading Map Press F2 again
[*]when new respawn Press DELETE

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